Warehouse Management

Manage your stock like a pro with our AR Warehouse Management app. A smarter way to handle your inventory.

Solution built with Neptune Software (SAP Edition) with Scandit SDK library integration.


Packaging for beauty and home products


Speed up the logistics in a smart way

First requirement of this solution is to understand which are the logistics needs and how the warehouse could be optimized.

The application must be available for iOS and Android devices and being able to capture a large amount of barcode types.

Each app inside the mobile launchpad needs to be created with a common template and have the same UI design.



We started to investigate on how implement Augmented Reality capabilities inside Neptune Software.

Using the Scandit SDK library we found the way to show additional details while the barcode it's scanned.

We added an overlay background over the barcode scanned based on a specific logic.

Additionally we found a way to display an bubble near the barcode with inside the status related icon.


Effortless logistics, every time

This solution allow users to work smarter with less effort.

An innovative way to transform logistics for the modern world.

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